Florida Real Estate is coming back at a Strong and Steady Pace for 2016!

The Problem:

Borrowers are finding it much harder to qualify with all the new Crushing Over-regulation (i.e. The Dodd Frank Act) which is forcing lenders to continuously tighten guidelines. This is eliminating millions of good borrowers' ability to obtain a loan they need or desire.

The Solutions:

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  • House/Townhome/Condo to 97% LTV No PMI
  • Jumbo to 95% LTV No PMI
  • Second Homes to 90% LTV No PMI
  • Recent Short Sale/Foreclosure/BK to 90% LTV No PMI
  • Super Jumbo Stated Income Alt. to 87% LTV No PMI
  • Mega Jumbo Stated Income Alt. to 80% LTV
  • Investment Prop. to 85% LTV
  • Foreign Nationals to 80% LTV
  • Private Money to 75% LTV
  • VA & VA Jumbo, FHA, USDA


  • Office Buildings & Warehouses 75% LTV mid 4%
  • Stated Income Alt. Rental Prop. 75% LTV upper 4%
  • No Tax Returns Rental Prop. 75% LTV mid 6%
  • Commercial loan amounts from $200,000 up to $18,000,000

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