Florida Real Estate is coming back at a Strong and Steady Pace!

The problem is, borrowers are finding it much harder to qualify with all the new Crippling government Over-regulation (i.e. Dodd Frank Act) forcing lenders to continuously tighten guidelines! This is eliminating millions of good borrowers' ability to obtain a loan these days!

However, there are still options!  Below are some of the strongest programs available in the market, including the new Stated Income Alt Loans for Self Employed borrowers as well as the Florida Short Sale, BK, Foreclosure Forgiveness programs:

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LTV means "Loan To Value"    
Example: $100,000 purchase
97% LTV: 3% or $3,000 Down Pymt.= $97,000 loan amount
80% LTV: 20% or $20k Down Pymt. = $80,000 loan amount

PMI means "Private Mortgage Insurance"  generally required on loans over 80% LTV which insures Lenders and is an extra monthly payment


  • 100% LTV- VA /USDA
  • 96.5% FHA
  • 97% LTV- Prim. Res.- No PMI
  • 97% LTV- Condo- No PMI
  • 95% LTV- Jumbo- No PMI
  • 90% LTV- 2nd Home-No PMI
  • 89% LTV- Super Jumbo- No PMI
  • 80% LTV- Foreign National
  • 85% LTV- Rental Property- No PMI
  • 70% LTV- Manufactured Homes over 90k
  • 70% LTV- LOT LOANS over 90k

Stated Income Alt Loan Programs

  • 90% LTV-Short Sale, BK, Foreclosure forgiveness
  • 80% LTV- FIX n’ FLIP Invest. Prop.–No min. credit!
  • 80% LTV- Bank Statements for Income
  • 75% LTV- Rental Property- No Tax Returns
  • 75% LTV- Foreign Nationals to Super Jumbo
  • 75% LYV- Hard Money / Private Money


  • Stated Income/Alt.- to 85% LTV 20yr /4.00% range
  • Stated Income/Alt.- to 75% LTV 30yr /4.00% range
  • Office Buildings, Warehouses, Multi Unit, Apts., Strip Malls, etc.
  • Under $500,000 loan amounts OK
  • Commercial Lots and Vacant Land

Note: Stated Income ALT programs are Not No Doc loans, borrowers must still show The Ability To Repay the Loan. However, these programs consider different forms of income streams and allow much more flexibility than other loans. Loan programs subject to change, qualifying, min. loan amts., values, lending areas and/or select properties. Pro Option Mortgage is not acting on behalf of or at the direction of HUD/FHA or the Federal Government.

Neither the United States Marine Corps nor any other component of the Department of Defense has approved, endorsed, or authorized this service.

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