Conventional, VA, VA Jumbo, FHA, USDA &
Bank Statements, Stated Income ALT

House, Townhome, Condo- No PMI 
House, Townhome, Condo to Jumbo - No PMI 

House, Townhome, Condo to Super Jumbo - No PMI
2nd Home- House, Townhome, Condo to Super Jumbo
New Employment
Self-Employed & 1099
Foreign Nationals
No Credit or Low Scores     
Prior BK & Foreclosure 

SBA,  Bank Portfolio,  Bank Statements, 
Stated Income Alt.,  No DOC Alt.,  Hard Money

Rental property 1-4 units
Apartment buildings   
Fix & Flip rehab 1-4 units 
Office buildings 
Shopping centers  
Vacant land
And much more...




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Steve McRory

55 year Florida resident

31 years finance experience

Prior Service U.S Marine Corps