My Philosophy:

The Florida real estate market is coming back, so I believe that sitting on the sidelines while we begin the biggest Post Recession Florida Real Estate Grab of our lifetime would be a monumental missed opportunity!

Why is Florida different?  Well, I don't hear of too many people moving to NY, NJ, MI or PA for the cool winters and to pay High Property Tax & State Tax!   

Fact is, everyone around the world wants to own a piece of Florida and with millions of Baby Boomers retiring to Florida along with Foreign Nationals, Florida is being bought up at a record pace!  

So now is the time to pull the trigger on a piece of Florida and i
t can make a lot of sense to buy with as little out of pocket as possible (sometimes with no money down), using that otherwise "Dead Equity" /capital to diversify in other investments (i.e. additional real estate, retirement funds, etc.)

This way, while your capital makes money by being diversified, your Florida real estate can grow in value simultaneously, giving you a strong, diversified investment portfolio.

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